Dead * Suns

[S1] Innocent Victors! [DS1 - Incident at Absalom Station]

The time when she forgot to give an awesome blow

Loot Buy Credit value Who taking? Credsticks
ceremonial plate, troop 110 sell 4×200 [front money]
Tactical semi auto pistol 260 Shadow 1×200
azimuth artillery laser 425 [Marvin/Plerion] 1×500
assault hammer 95 Plerion carry 6×100
autotarget rifle 755 Marvin-Jay Total: 1300 credits
holoskin 500 Plerion  
5 mag of rounds x10 5×75 425 Group UPD:
frag grenade 35 Group [Jay] 500
2 incendiary grenades 375 each Group [Jay]  
2 serum mk1 heal 50 each Group [Plerion/Sean]  
quick release armor upg. 325 Plerion-Dale  
datapad tier 1 50 Group  
Estex suit 410 sell  



My New Friends,

I think we should keep the grenades, the healing serums, the holoskin and the extra datapad (computer tier 1) in a group fund as well as (somewhat reluctantly though Shadow is suggesting it) having a group fund of say 500 credit. That would leave us each with 200 more credits on top of the 200 we got upfront for the job.
We could sell whatever gear people don’t want and add that to the group fund as well. We only get 10% of the sell price so i think it is way more important to get everyone the gear they need than it is to sell it off for 10%.

Alternately we could split all the money and buy gear we found at 10% to donate to the total creds to be divided.

Just some thoughts, but I’m open to suggestions.


redchin redchin

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